Get Started with Prescription Delivery Service

WellDyneRx offers several easy ways to get started with Prescription Delivery Service.

How do I get my first prescription filled and delivered?

  • Once you've registered, ask your doctor to write your prescription for the number of days your plan allows for prescription delivery (for example, 90 days).
  • Your first prescription order needs to include a Prescription Delivery Registration Form. Mail the form (with your original prescription) to:


P.O. Box 90369

Lakeland, FL 33804

You can also ask your doctor to:

  • Send your prescription electronically to WellDyneRx Prescription Delivery. This is the fastest way to receive your prescription.
  • Fax your prescription to 1-888-830-3608 or 1-877-221-1259.
  • Call in your prescription to 1-888-479-2000 or 1-800-900-6570 (TTY).

What does a mailed prescription need to include?

To mail in a new or renewal prescription:

  • Write the patient's address and date of birth on the back of the prescription, if this information is not already on the prescription.
  • Mail your prescription to: WellDyneRx P.O. Box 90369, Lakeland, FL 33804
  • If it's your first order, you need to fill out and send a Prescription Delivery Enrollment Form.

How long will it take for my medicine to be delivered?

The fastest way to get your prescription filled is for your doctor to e-prescribe. Once we receive your prescription, your medicine will arrive in approximately 7 to 10 business days by standard shipping.

What if I can't wait 7 to 10 days?

If you need your medicine quickly, you can pay for faster shipping. Or, you can ask your doctor to write two prescriptions. The first prescription is for a short term supply that you can fill right away at a participating retail pharmacy. The second prescription is for the maximum number of days your plan allows for mail service (for example, 90 days). By doing this, you will have a supply of medicine before you receive your mail order.

How do I order refills?

Refills are easy. You should order them at least three weeks before your prescription will run out. We'll email or call you with a refill reminder. You can order refills online or by calling our automated phone system at 1-888-479-2000.

Can I transfer a prescription from another pharmacy?

No. WellDyneRx recommends obtaining a new prescription from your health care provider when transferring to the WellDyneRx Prescription Delivery Service. Members must also complete the Prescription Delivery Registration Form and mail to WellDyneRx, or register online through the WellDyneRx member portal, before a prescription can be filled.

Can I speak with a pharmacist directly?

Yes, WellDyneRx pharmacists are available to answer your medicine-related questions, such as side effects and drug interactions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply contact Member Services at 1-888-479-2000.

Who do I call if I have a problem or question?

If you have a question about how to order a prescription or other member services, call Member Services at 1-888-479-2000.